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Feliz Caminar´s main goal is to provide an all-round service to our customers, always incurring the minimum time period. It is with this in mind that we manufacture several different lines of work footwear & health footwear among other footwear categories, through an uninterrupted cycle, which enables us to keep a constant stock flow.

Our lines:

  • Feliz Caminar.
  • Specialiflex
  • Naturfly

At Feliz Caminar we count with the widest range of clogs and shoes made from EVA on the market. We make a 100% EVA Boots section available to our most demanding customers, offering several protection options. In order to satisfy the specific needs of a variety of professional sectors, we expand our product spectrum with alternative materials, such as TPE, an autoclave friendly thermoplastic, Microfiber which, unlike leather, is machine washable & Coolmax, an innovative material with greater breathability than leather.



Our parallel brand, Specialiflex mainly targets the healthcare sector. Specialiflex´s clogs and shoes are carefully handcrafted in first-quality white & blue leather and precisely bond to an ultralight EVA sole. This footwear line has been specifically designed and manufacture for professionals looking for comfort and functionality in their daily work-required uniformity.

Naturfly was conceived as a high-quality brand dedicated to our more discerning consumers. We make the difference by incorporating bright and cool new color options, which stand out of the classic market plain colors, and a superior quality leather beyond comparison to any other product in the market.


To provide an additional service to our PPE customers, we make available a variety of 100% EVA manufactured protection accessories, under the brand BLOW STOP.

  • Kneepads
  • Parking Protectors


All our branded products are entirely manufactured by us in Spain, in our production facilities located in Villena (Alicante).