It has been a very difficult few months for all of us, but above all for the health sector, which has been on the front line of this pandemic that has shaken us worldwide both healthily and economically.

From the first day, at Feliz Caminar we have wanted to show solidarity and do our bit in this state of emergency that we have had to live through.  And we have done so for various reasons, humanity, common sense, for our way of being and facing things and because this health sector is one of the most important for our company, since 70% of all the footwear we manufacture is destined to professionals in the health sector.

The way to collaborate with our health care professionals was easy for us to choose. We donated part of our clogs and shoes so that they had quality health care material at their disposal and could do their hard work as comfortably as possible.

From the hospital in Elda (Alicante) in our health area, to the Ifema field hospital, Igualada hospital, Albacete General hospital, La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

And also non-profit associations that are in very delicate situations to which we do not hesitate to help as they were; Fundación Cocineros sin Fronteras de la Villajoyosa (Alicante), Fundación AFA Sta.Marina del Rey Ordigo y Páramo de Santa Marina del Rey (León) and Fundación REMAR ONG de Madrid.

A total of 3,900 pairs of clogs and shoes were donated to these great professionals, who daily faced the health challenge by doing everything in their power to tackle the Covid-19.  This was the way to send them our daily applause that they have so much deserved.

From here we continue sending you a lot of strength, our most sincere thanks to all the extraordinary professionals and encouragement for all.

A big hug from all the team at Feliz Caminar.